Sales boost for HTML template and App template developers

Let your prospects see your code before they buy. Build trust. Earn love.

In a nutshell

Your visitors want to see your code before they buy. But you don't want to show your code from fear of being stolen. CodeViewLove fixes the issue.

Without CodeViewLove

This HTML template is simply the best.
Trust us!

With CodeViewLove

This HTML template is simply the best.
Check for yourself!

The problem

As a HTML templates or App templates editor, you are really selling code. Once your customers download their package, your code becomes their code. No wonder they can be so cautious before they click the "buy" button.

You cannot let developers download your template before they buy. Otherwise, a lot of people would just take the code and leave without paying.

Consequence: you are missing sales. How many? Well, you don't really know.

The solution

With CodeViewLove, your prospects can see the code before they buy. But they can only view it, not use it. The CodeViewLove previewer displays only what people need to make a decision: the supported npm commands, the code structure, the overall quality...

They can never access the whole codebase. CodeViewLove obfuscates it in ways that make it unusuable. Look but do not touch.

The result: developers feel more confident. And buy.

Try it. This is a fresh NextJS app:

Start now

Although CodeViewLove is in its early stage, the solution is already available. Drop a message and let's start!